Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Doa Mudah Mendapatkan Jodoh & Dijauhkan Daripada Kesusahan

Surah As-Syu'ara : 83

My Lord, grant/present for me judgment/rule and make me catch up/join with the correct/righteous.

Surah Taha : 131-132

And do not extend/spread your two eyes to what We gave long life/made enjoy with it (to) spouses/couples from them, the life the present`s/worldly life`s flower/splendor , to test them in it, and your Lord`s provision (is) better and more lasting .

And order/command your family/people with the prayers and endure patience on it, We do not ask/question you (for) a provision/means of livelihood , We provide for you, and the end (result is) to the fear and obedience (of God).

p/s: diamalkan setiap kali selepas solat

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